About Us

Phase Five is the premier sport performance, family fitness training center and the areas most renowned CrossFit Gym. We are located in Brandon, Florida. Our state of the art facility has become a Mecca for all those who seek true health and fitness. Phase Five offers amenities such as spa-grade locker rooms featuring private showers, ample parking and over 6200 square feet of open training space. Please click here for a full facility tour.


  • Double Under Rx and Ropes

  • I’ve had a lot of questions about double under wods and receiving an rx for singles. In order to Rx a wod you must do it as written…singles are not an Rx. Singles are simple a scaling mechanism for DU’s.

    A client recently asked me if I’m buying more ropes? NO! If you want to learn doubles you have to buy your own rope and cut it to length! Using a rope w/ knots in it or one that’s too short is a recipe for frustration. You can get a decent rope for $10. You wouldn’t run a marathon in shoes that were two sizes too big…would you? Make a small investment in this versatile piece of equipment and you’ll reap the benefits:)