Functional Movement

Evaluation (FME). Our Functional Movement Evaluation is approximately 45 minutes long and cost $25. The FME is an integral part of our program and it’s what separates us from most CrossFit gyms by helping us provide a safe and injury free training experience.

  • Click Here to Schedule an Evaluation OnlineYou may be asking, why do I need an evaluation?It’s a good question. The reason we require an evaluation is because it acts as a first line of defense against injury. The evaluation is primarily designed as an orthopedic screen that helps us better understand what movements will be appropriate for you. Of course, during the evaluation we will also discuss your fitness goals, provide an overview of our program and test your cardiovascular conditioning.
    • Unfortunately, many gyms do not require this type of consultation. This is a huge disservice to you as a client and in our opinion borders on negligence.Over the past 8 years our pre-screening efforts, corrective exercise protocols and well thought-out, logical programming has led to ZERO serious injuries at Phase 5 Fitness.In summation, the healthy injury free training we provide can only be maintained by pre-screening potential clients. So, please don’t think of the evaluation as a penalty, it’s merely a way for us to ensure your safety.
Please call (813)586-3217 or email if you have any questions or simply schedule your assesment today.