Step 1: Schedule an Evaluation Online

Our functional movement evaluation (FME) and work capacty test (WCT) are mandatory dedicated entry point for all of our new clients. They are by appointment only and both can be completed in approximately one hour. These screens will test your capacity for proper human movement (flexibility, mobility, stability, etc.) and general physical preparedness (fitness).

Step 2: Choose a Commitment/Pricing Option to begin your group training

We also offer a 10% discount to LEO, Military, Firefighters & Teachers.

Not sure if CrossFit training is for you? We offer a 30 day group training trial for $89.99 with a paid in full functional movement evaluation.

*All memberships automatically renew unless specified in writing 15 days prior to their expiration

Unlimited Trial Month

$89.99 First Month of unlimited Classes


$149.99 per month (Unlimited Classes)


$120 per month (2x Classes/Week)

12 Months Prepaid Unlimited classes



$220 per month (Unlimited Classes)

3 Months Prepaid Unlimited classes



$300 per month (Up to 4 Members/Unlimited)

6 Months Prepaid Unlimited classes