Bradley L. Bufkin, MD

Eric has established the mindset of integrity, accountability, and collegiality. His clients embrace this. Those are the principles of people I want to be around.in. The box Eric had built was cool. It was a space devoted to fitness with every square foot involved in the process. Pull-up bars, lifting platforms, bumper plates, kettle bells, GHD machines, C2 rowers, ropes, rings, and a whiteboard; a Crossfitters dream.A friend of…

Jason Lowe

After being hired on with a law enforcement agency, I realized that I needed to get in shape for the pre-Academy boot camp. I went from the worst shape of my life to the best shape of my life in 3 short months doing Phase Five. I lost 25 lbs and increased my strength, flexibility and endurance dramatically. I made it through the boot camp with relative ease, coasting…

Scott M. Young CPT USA

Eric has fostered a very family oriented and healthy fitness atmosphere within the gym membership that transcends new arrivals like myself. All the instructors and members I met and trained with are highly motivated and motivating and you are able to quickly feel comfortable and integrated into the community.

Tracy Myers Milleman

Just completed my first 5 mile trail run without including any running in my training, only crossfit. My previous best was barely finishing a 5k road race last month. Progress is a beautiful thing! Thanks CF Revolution!!!!

Ana Cate

As a college athlete and a pretty steady “gym rat” all throughout high school, I’ve always thought I had a pretty good idea of how far I could push myself both in the weight room and on the field- until I discovered CrossFit Revolution. Nothing fuels my competitive fire like seeing the person next to me cranking out pullups faster than I am or getting lower on their front…

Alejandro Pose

I’m verry happy with the progress I’ve made at CF Rev in the last months: I’ve been coming to the gym for little over 7 months now, and I feel that I’ve made more progress than in all the years I went to Globo-Gyms… In 5 months, I increased (with y’all’s help) my 1 RMs considerably: +20 lbs for SP, +60 lbs for BS and +70 lbs for DL….

Cory Cantrall

Where to start? I had heard about Crossfit from a several Marine friends of mine who swore it was the best workout program they have ever seen. So, I read up on the main site and watched countless hours of videos before I decided to give it a try at the local “Globo Gym” that I was a member of at the time. Besides the odd looks, being told…

Cindy Brown

I am stronger/faster and in better shape due to your team at Phase Five. They are all great at helping you improve, showing you the correct way to do an exercise and will motivate you along the way. I know as being a Firefighter/Paramedic it has helped by increasing my cardio output and being able to do my job more effectly without injuries which is very important!!!

Joe Flanagan

I just chased and caught my first violator after he illegally crossed our border . I had to chase him a good 800m at the fastest pace possible. It then took considerable physical effort to subdue him once I came in contact. I can honestly say that I never would’ve caught him without the training I received at Phase Five. When I got to Arizona it was obvious that…

Joi Reyes

I have always been an active person through out high school & college, but then life happened.  Got involved in my career, got married & life got hectic.  I stopped taking care of me & let everything else take the place of my fitness routine. And to my surprise, 50 lbs found a home on my body. (Shocking I know !! )  In the last 8 yrs I have…

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