Trey Newton

On February 17, 2009, I walked into the Crossfit Revolution and introduced myself to Eric Auciello.   I was fit…or so I thought at the time.  Here’s my story…. Just a year earlier I had been in the worst shape of my life.  At 38, I weighed more than I ever had, I was the inactive and my waist size was pushing a 36.

Rob Smith

Just wanna say thanks! I had to run 3.5 miles today! I did it with no problems at all! As you know I have had several surgeries on my knees and had some Minor back, shin and arch injuries in the past. I didn’t stop once and finished 6 or 7th out of 35-40 people! Woot! Just to let you know I haven’t ran for two years!

RJ Martin

For me, finding Crossfit was a fluke.  I’d been working-out in the gym with my muscle-bound buddy for several years, but I wasn’t seeing any positive changes physically.  So, when I turned 40, I decided I needed something different and drastic.  I did a web search for personal trainers and found Eric.  When we met, I told him I’d gained a little extra around the middle and wanted to…

Justin Pullaro

I had joined two different gyms in two years searching for something to help me get back into shape. But they never seemed to work for me. I had won 5 state championships playing competitive soccer growing up and I longed for that level of fitness again in my life. I found CrossFit and thought I would try it like the other globo-gyms, but the very first day I…

Scarlett Murray

I recently started training at Crossfit Revolution (about two months ago) and I can honestly say that it has made a huge difference in my ballet training.  As a ballet student I am always trying to refine my technique and become a better dancer.  Sure, I take ballet classes and have a great instructor, but what Crossfit has done is made me a better athlete.

John Deedrick

The weeks Jack spent with you is paying a lot of dividends. He is the strongest freshman on the team (FSU Swimming)and is confident that before the year is out he will be the strongest guy on the entire team. The FSU strength and conditioning coach is reworking all his percentages (workouts based on % of max) because he has gained so much strength.

Brian Dieterich

The knowledgeable coaches are able to express cues that are easy to understand and follow and will benefit anyone looking to improve on the Olympic lifts.I have been involved in some form of sport for most of my life and have been coached by top-level coaches. Over the past two years I have taken up Crossfit and enjoy the Olympic lifts the most. When I attended an Olympic Weightlifting…

Herm Nieuwendaal

I’m convinced that coming to you is what allowed both me and my knee to complete the objective. (Boston Marathon Qualifying Time) Thanks for your help. I appreciate your exercise knowledge, calm but frank manor of delivery, and the effort you put into figuring “me” out and what would work within the limitations of my mindset.

Ed Haywood

At age 45, I am in the best shape of my life. Eric’s coaching has significantly improved my ability to reach my athletic potential. I was a career Special Forces officer, but Crossfit Revolution took my performance several levels higher. The encouragement provided by all the other athletes is invaluable. I am stronger, faster, and leaner than I have…

Ashley Hicks

The Olympic Lifting Workshop that was held at Phase Five Fitness was extremely beneficial to my training.   With 4 top-notch Olympic lifting coaches critiquing me, answering questions and giving suggestions, they helped me discover a few crucial mistakes I had been making in my lifts.   I am constantly looking for new ways to improve and the workshop was invaluable.