Mike Shenefield

Crossfit Revolution is human reengineering; a totally body makeover. It increases overall strength and stamina, significantly enhances mental capacities, energizes and invigorates, reduces fat composition, increases muscle definition, and provides a new level of self confidence.

Amanda Ard

I started training at Phase 5 over a year ago. After getting married in September 2010, I started feeling a strong desire to skip over that whole “newlywed 15” thing. I was getting sick of doing 87 hours of “cardio” a week and 3 sets of 15reps of things.

Michael Bitting

My level of strength and endurance has greatly improved during my first year at Phase Five. My bench has gone from 225 to 285, my squat from 245 to 355 and my dead lift from 275 to 385. These improvements have allowed me to be competitive in masters level power lifting. Eric’s workouts and programming are…

Whitney Pagliaro Collins

Awesome place- really knowledgeable & supportive staff – they’ve been great with our athletes!

MarySue Hebeisen

Amazing trainers! Everyone, including staff, is so welcoming and approachable!! I feel like family and I’m new! Absolutely suggest this gym to anyone who wants to check out cross fit!

Jordanna Boodhoo Sommer

The WODS and results you see will keep you motivated to push yourself to a place you didn’t think you could go. The coaches are all so knowledgeable and make you feel comfortable, and everyone is always very welcoming.

James Eggins

Phase 5 Fitness is a great gym for those that want to step up their fitness. Coaches are great and the members encouraging. Check’em out if you in Tamap.

Kim Martin

Great gym, great coaches. If you quit be diligent and check your bank account. The owner doesn’t quit your auto pay and DOES NOT refund you! My only complaint, but kind of a big one. Owner was very difficult and non responsive in trying to get the situation handled.

Ricky Lee

Absolutely love this place. Eric and his coaches go above and beyond to guide you in reaching your goals. They have helped me with dieting, conditioning, endurance, strength and flexibility. All of the members are very friendly and make you feel comfortable no matter what fitness level you are at. If you are looking to join a gym I highly recommend Phase 5!

Samantha Wannstedt

Awesome atmosphere! The coaches are great and the people are so nice. Reminds me of my crossfit gym in Pennsylvania! Highly recommend Phase 5 Fitness to anyone of any athletic ability ????????If you want to have fun and get in shape this is the place to be!