Alayna Sherwood

I wasn’t sure about joining a crossfit gym at first but this place is great! You can be as intense as you want to be and Eric, and all of the trainers, are more than happy to provide you with a modification when needed. Safety is something that they are very conscious of at this gym. It is a fun place with a nice mix of people, some new to crossfit and some veterans, and all are helpful during workouts and we all sweat and suffer through it together. I have done many types of training over the years including orange theory, HIIT classes, bootcamps, and personal training and I love the flexibility this gym offers. Everyday is a different workout and you can get out of it what you put in it!

Luwan Bryant

I’m the guy for the job blood sweat an tears let’s get grind destroy an rebuilt in a successful way all I know is to go hard I sent you guys a pic of me now i’m m waiting for yoll call thank you for yr time

Amanda Macfarland

I have been going to Phase 5 for 7 months now. I was looking for something new with my workouts. I wasn’t sure about the whole Cross Fit but figured I would give it try.

I found Phase 5 from a Google search and signed up for the trial month that day. Fell in love with the gym/trainers the first week! The coaches Kym and Joel are the primary ones in the mornings. They are amazing. Very smart and informative. Quick to correct your form/scale and give helpful tips. Saturday WODs are coached by Dave. It’s always a surprise when you walk in and see whats on the whiteboard.

At first, I was going to try out different CF gyms but after the first month I felt at home. I even made my husband come and try a Saturday workout. After he signed up.

All around the programming, owner, coaches & environment is AMAZING. I am grateful that I found Phase 5.

Summer Blankenship

I’ve been to bigger, fancier, more advanced crossfit gyms and always felt like I didn’t fit in. This place reminds me of a classic high school weight room and I love it. The PEOPLE are what make it fun. Less competitive, less serious, less intimidating than your typical crossfit but still SAFE with great programming. It’s as hard as you push yourself to make it. Always scales available for beginners. Plenty of space for more advanced folks to do extra. Oh and it’s affordable. Only cons would be the REALLY old airdyne bike && there’s lots of super friendly Chatty Cathy types in certain classes and that’s just not my thing to be THAT social mid workout. ??

JimTasha Miller

This Gym is awesome. I can not say enough nice things about Phase 5. Great coaches, great workouts and great members. I have always felt welcomed from day one.